By the Grace of G‑d
25th of Elul, 5738 [September 27, 1978]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Greeting and Blessing:

There is surely no need to explain to you at length the obvious, namely, that the purpose of a Chassidic Farbrengen is to encourage each other in Torah learning, the fulfillment of the Mitzvoth with Hiddur, and the spreading of Yiddishkeit in general. This includes, of course, the proper conduct in matters of Derech Eretz and good Midos, as has been so often emphasized in the many Sichos of our Rebbes-Nesiim, generation after generation to the present day.

It is also obvious that it is expected of all participants in a Farbrengen to lead an exemplary life that earns the respect of others, both for the person himself and for what he represents, as also our sages so often emphasized, particularly in explaining the Mitzvo of V'Ohavio es HaShem Elokecho - that the name of G‑d should be made beloved through his daily conduct.

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Clearly, anything that is contrary to the above, is contrary to the intent and teachings of our Rebbes-Nisiim. All this is so plain that it is hard to believe that anyone who has ever seen any Sicho by our Rebbes-Nesiim could misunderstand the meaning and purpose of a Chassidic Farbrengen. There is surely no need to belabor the obvious.

Wishing you and yours a Kesivo vaChasimo Tovo, for a good and sweet year,

With blessing,
M. Schneerson

P.S. You may, of course, show this letter to anyone you deem fit to show it to, though there is really nothing new in it.

(Excerpt from a Letter)