By the Grace of G‑d
7 Cheshvan, 5739 [November 7, 1978]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

The Honorable Lord Provost David Hodge
City Chambers
Glasgow, Scotland

Greeting and Blessing:

It was, indeed, kind and thoughtful of your Lordship to convey cordial greetings from the citizens of Glasgow through our esteemed representative, Rabbi Chaim Jacobs, on the occasion of his visit here. Your personal regards and the pictorial book on Scotland are particularly appreciated.

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I was gratified to hear from Rabbi Jacobs about your personal interest in his educational work and youth activities and of your warm relationship with the Jewish community in general. This further strengthens my confidence in your continued encouragement in behalf of these activities, so vital in the present day and age.

With prayerful wishes for your success in your office as well as in your personal affairs, and for the wellbeing and prosperity of all the citizens of your noble city, and

With esteem and blessing,
M. Schneerson