By the Grace of G‑d
15th of Cheshvan, 57401
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Prof. Zeev Greene
Vale Crest
Minneapolis, Minn. 55422

Greeting and Blessing:

For some inexplicable reason your letter of July 22nd seems to have been misplaced, and only came to my attention today.

I will begin with a blessing in connection with the good news it contained that your daughter _______ became a Kalla in a happy and auspicious hour, for the Binyan Adei Ad, based on the foundations of our Torah and Mitzvoth.

May G‑d grant that you and your wife should have true Yiddish Nachas from her and from each and all of your children.

I do not know if your question in that letter is still actual. At any rate, I will give you my opinion, as requested.

Your question refers to whether you should consider a proposition from a certain college for the position of Dean of the Faculty.

You are quite right in concluding that the same opinion I expressed in connection with the offered position at Beersheva holds good also in this case, since I believe that you ought to continue in your present work and scientific field, in which you will continue to enjoy G‑d’s blessing for Hatzlocho. At the same time, of course, you will surely continue also in your very important task of spreading and strengthening Yiddishkeit with enthusiasm in a growing measure, and with even greater Hatzlocho than heretofore.

With all good wishes and personal regards,

With blessing, /signature

P.S. Because of the unusual delay, this letter is sent to you via special delivery.