By the Grace of G‑d
28th of Teveth, 5722 [January 4, 1962]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

Brooklyn, N.Y.

Blessing and Greeting:

I received your letter of the 21st of Teveth.

I trust that it is unnecessary for me to emphasize to you at great length that marriage is, in accordance with the text of the blessing, "An everlasting edifice" (Binyan Adei-Ad), and that everything connected with it is not only of immediate and vital concern to the bride and bridegroom, but has a bearing also on their children. Therefore, it is self-understood that the maximum attention should be given to those factors which are essential to ensure a happy life partnership and an everlasting Jewish home. It is of no importance whatever in such a case to pay attention to the opinion of a neighbor or an acquaintance. An obvious example would be in the case where a deal is under consideration, involving a million dollars, when it would be foolish to pay attention to nickels and dimes, and thereby overlook essential conditions which affect the whole deal.

With specific reference to the matter about which you write in your letter and which seems to worry you, let me say this: When a young man has got the strength of will and the strength of character to wear a beard, and has done so for several years, even at a time when wearing a beard was not such a popular thing as it is now, not only in Orthodox circles but even in circles which have nothing to do with religion, it surely shows great courage and conviction, as well as a loyalty to obligations - all of which are essential qualities to ensure a happy family life.

It is surely also unnecessary for me to add that where religious boys do not wear a beard, it is not because they have the strength of character and conviction, rather because of the lack of them.

Finally, it is important to bear in mind what is written in the Zohar and in other holy sources, that this is a special channel and vessel to receive additional G—d's blessings, materially and spiritually.

With blessing,