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The Path of Life

What an education can and cannot do
The Rebbe on the Kibbutz
In and of itself, the most apparent function of the commune is to equalize individuals of greater and lesser stature—something that runs contrary to human nature.
On Rosh Hashanah, we reiterate our commitment to G-d as our king. But isn't kingship a metaphor whose time has passed?
One should not arrive at judgments on others in haste.
Feeling a Lack of Purpose
"You seem to be disturbed because you feel that you have not attained the proper level in Torah and Mitzvoth and cannot see the 'purpose,' which makes you downhearted..."
How to Feel Secure
"With regard to your writing about your feeling of depression..."
To the Rebbe, all criticism was self-criticism. As he saw it, finding fault with others was simply an avoidance of one’s own responsibility to rectify whatever was amiss
A Waste of Time
There are certain things, wrote the Rebbe, for which a chasssid simply does not have the time
A Jew in Madagascar
When a Jew finds himself in a distant corner of the world, far from his homeland, far from any established Jewish community, this is certainly not by chance.
With Torah and Judaism being so vast, as the prophet said, “Longer than the earth, and wider than the sea,” how and where do we begin?
It would be ironic and even destructive for man not to tend to his physical needs until he can fully comprehend all aspects and functions of the body. Is the same true in regard to spirituality?
Should I Take LSD to Attain Spiritual Heights?
The claim that LSD can stimulate mystical insight, etc., is not the proper way to attain mystical inspiration. . .
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