Mrs. Malka Sarah Kuperman lived in the Bronx for many years. In the late 1950s she had an audience with the Rebbe, of righteous memory, during which the Rebbe asked her if she attends any women's learning sessions. She responded that no such learning sessions take place in the Bronx, however, once or twice a year she attends the Lubavitch women's events in Brooklyn.

The Rebbe said (paraphrased): "There are also Jews who go to synagogue once or twice a year, however, we need to strive for higher and attend synagogue as often as possible...

"There is a need for frequent learning sessions in your neighborhood. Speak to Mrs. Rochel Altein and she will assist you in arranging this."

Mrs. Kuperman organized learning sessions, many with Rebbetzin Rochel Altein. (You could read here the Rebbe's correspondence with Mrs. Altein regarding learning sessions in the Bronx from the mid 1950s).