May1 G‑d grant that everyone be aroused in true teshuvah, and that everyone’s inscription [in the Book of Life] be sealed and confirmed for a good and sweet year, materially and spiritually.

Our Sages taught:2 מזונותיו של אדם קצובים לו מראש השנה - “A man’s provisions are determined for him from Rosh HaShanah.” My revered father-in-law points out in the maamar3 that the plural form of “provisions” alludes to spiritual food and material food.

May it be G‑d’s will that everyone’s provisions, both spiritual and material, be called forth unconcealed and unobscured, in the kind of good that is visible and manifest.

[At the table on Motzaei Yom Kippur the Rebbe spoke of the elevated standing of penitents and cited the teaching of the Sages4 that G‑d loves the wicked. He concluded by saying that on Motzaei Yom Kippur “everything is in order.”5