The1 physician of the Rebbe [Rayatz] once said of himself that in reference to the Rebbe, he was of no account as a physician. As a physician he was unable to understand the Rebbe’s material life.

The truth is, that the Rebbe’s life is spiritual life2 — “the life of a tzaddik is not a fleshly life, but a spiritual life.”3

From this it is apparent that as far as the Rebbe is concerned, there is no difference between the previous situation and the present situation. Now, too, the Rebbe is with us begashmiyus.4

The Rebbe [Rayatz] used to say:5 “A bond with me (hiskashrus) is made by studying my maamarim of Chassidus, by fulfilling my request concerning the daily recital of Tehillim, and the like.”

These words of the Rebbe [Rayatz], concerning hiskashrus with him, still apply today.