We might gain some insight into the events that transpire while the Rebbe visits the Previous Rebbe’s gravesite from an interchange between Rabbi Shmaryahu Gurary, the Rebbe’s brother-in-law, and Reb Azriel Zelig Slonim. Commonly known as the Rashag, Rabbi Gurary was an outstanding example of a chassid whose heart and soul were devoted to the Rebbe.

“As you know, Reb Zelig,” explained the Rashag. “When my father-in-law, the Previous Rebbe, passed away, we were all heartbroken and confused. One day, I was deliberating unsuccessfully over a very important issue. I decided to consult my brother-in-law (the Rebbe, of righteous memory).

“He weighed the matter carefully, and then said: ‘I would not like to take personal responsibility for such an important issue. I will visit the gravesite later today, and I will discuss it with our father-in-law. Then I will give you an answer.’ Upon his return, he presented me with an excellent solution.”

“Now listen here, Reb Zelig,” concluded the Rashag. “My brother-in-law is not one who exaggerates. If he said that he would discuss the matter with the Previous Rebbe at his gravesite, then that is exactly what transpired. I know that I am not capable of this. Since he can do so I am his devoted chassid.”