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Personal Reflections on the Rebbe and his Leadership

34th St. between Fifth and Seventh
Was the Rebbe a rabbi? Well yes, but no. Forget it, I'm not going to be able to explain what the Rebbe was, what the Rebbe is. Years already since his passing, and I don't see any perspective...
His Army of Activist Intellectuals
A mid-eighties examination of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and its leader
Despite the activist manifestations of the Lubavitch Movement, it should be remembered that Lubavitch is primarily an intellectual movement.
Marching Orders
In the Rebbe's writings and talks one will find mention here and there of the past -- the Rebbe's own past, the past of his people and of humanity. But the focus is on the future
I Miss Him
This is what I long for. Someone I can look up to to teach me by example what a leader should be. So that I can be a better leader of myself, of my family, my community...
Gimmel Tammuz
Just about everything imaginable was happening--except for what everyone had predicted would happen
Leave Your Bubble
In potential, every event occurs some six billion times, experienced uniquely by every person who becomes aware of the happening. In a sense, we don't share a world; we each have our own.
The Lubavitcher Rebbe
For 92 years, virtually every talk he gave, every letter he wrote and every directive he issued, the theme, the sign-off and the goal was: the coming of Moshiach and the attainment of the Redemption.
We live on shifting sands... The past 100 years, even more so the past fifty, and most of all the past ten, have created a burning need for people who can provide points of convergence...
Love According to the Rebbe
What if someone said to you, "I love you, but I don't like your children"? You'd probably say: "You don't know anything about who and what I am, and you don't know what love is, either!"
My Rebbe the Rebel
There were never any followers of the Rebbe -- followers couldn't keep up. The Rebbe had only leaders, those who rebelled with him
The Emissaries
What do you do if you have a vision, and are determined to see that vision implemented in the life of every man, woman and child on the face of the earth?
The Reinvention of Man
Two thousand years after all the sages of Israel, both the pessimists and the optimists, agreed that man was a failed experiment, the Rebbe re-opened the question...
The Cure for the Common Cynicism
The Rebbe is the antidote to cynicism. Even the calloused cynic, the one who triple-checks affidavits, can't help but trust the Rebbe...
An Antidote for the Post-Holocaust Generation
In many people's estimation, Rabbi Sacks among them, the Rebbe was healing the world as a whole, and the Jewish People in particular...
The Man Who Turned Judaism Outward
A great leader has died and the Jewish world has become a smaller place. History will chart the achievements of the seventh Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson.
A Rehearsal for Redemption
Fallacious arguments flew away like frightened bats as we toned the walls of our hearts to prepare for an all-out war -- fairly fought, wind against wind
60 Years: An Appreciation
The Rebbe simply delivered a chassidic discourse and henceforth formally assumed the leadership of the movement. In this historic discourse, the Rebbe laid down the mission statement for his followers...
Footsteps in the Rebbe's Shadow
The memories begin to flood back to me
As I am surrounded by his ways
The visits that we paid to him
As we traveled through our many stays
A Silence Louder Than Words
On the 27th of Adar the Rebbe suffered a stroke, and spoke no more. How are we to view this event? What does it demand of us?
The Three Eichas and the Rebbe’s Example
Three Jewish prophets opened their hearts to their beloved nation using this mysterious word: Moses, Isaiah, and Jeremiah.
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