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First Person Encounters

Famous and not-so-famous people describe their experiences with the Rebbe

Famous and not-so-famous people describe their experience of the Rebbe

Wiring the <em>Missouri</em>
I take a look, and you have three hundred people in white shirts, because in those days most people wore white shirts. And in the middle is sitting a guy with a black beard, earlocks, a black hat and a black suit.
A Jew in Curacao
My father saw himself as a young child, sitting on his grandmother's lap. "Liuvu," she was saying to him, "anytime you are in trouble, the one who can help you is the Lubavitcher Rebbe." This was the first time he had ever heard of the Rebbe
I will forever attribute the first step of my restoration to sanity and self-respect to one man who, with unfathomable intuition and faith in humanity, made a selfless, precise therapeutic intervention in my spirit, and demanded neither my soul nor my bankbook as recompense . . .
The Rebbe and the Rocket Scientist
"There's an old man in Brooklyn," the Rebbe said, "who thinks about you and invites you to come back on your 20th anniversary." To Greene, he seemed more like a loving uncle than the spiritual leader of the Jewish world...
I had never seen such a strong bond and commitment in my life. The mere mention of his name would make their eyes sparkle. I never thought that I would be able to admire and respect someone so much...
A Rehearsal for Redemption
Fallacious arguments flew away like frightened bats as we toned the walls of our hearts to prepare for an all-out war -- fairly fought, wind against wind
He Could Melt A Blizzard
"Now that you have interviewed me," said the Rebbe, "I'd like to interview you. Unless you have any objections?"
Why Tefillin?
"When a Jew in Miami," the Rebbe said to me, "sees pictures of Jews at the Western Wall wearing tefillin, he gets an urge to put on tefillin himself."
A Man Apart
He made of each Chasid a "rebbe," made each Chasid feel that responsibility and love for every Jew, made each Jew sense her or his own greatness and holiness.
The Rebbe and the Artist
An artist relates his personal encounters with the Rebbe, beginning from the age of 15
The Man from Auschwitz
Who was William Guttman, driving a cab through Manhattan on the night shift? Finally I asked him, as he had asked us, "Are you Jewish?"
Still the Rebbe Reaches Out
It was a meeting without preliminaries or conclusion. He said few words and did not encourage me to necessarily become part of his community, yet the meeting redirected my life.
The Day I Became a Chassid
I was quite nervous as I took my place on line in front of the Rebbe's door. I had of course heard the Rebbe speak in public, but this was different, I told myself. This is yechidut...
You Never Know
A spur-of-the-moment visit to Rabbi Menachem Schneerson's tomb brings unexpected and astonishing results.
Another Day Without Tefillin?
In his reply the Rebbe wrote: “Do you think it is right that a Jew who put on tefillin yesterday for the first time in over twenty years should wait another six weeks for you to buy him a pair of tefillin?”
I simply had no more talk left in me. I had spent hours casting about for some suitable activity that could serve as a replacement for the speaking, but thus far, I had come up with nothing.
Turn Over a Town By Creating a University
The Rebbe said, "Build a college in Yeroham. It would transform the image of Yeroham as a town that people longed to leave to a place where people from across Israel and abroad would come to live and learn."
Searching the Novels for Perfect Love?
To my great surprise, the Rebbe asked me about my very personal plans, about my dating to get married.
Stuck in Michigan with a Mission
We were supposed to be back home in New York by now, but a heavy snowfall there made it impossible for any planes to land...
The Londoner Comes to Brooklyn
My introduction to the Chabad-Lubavitch movement in London, UK, and how my meetings with the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Menachem Mendel Schneerson, of righteous memory, evolved.
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