Friday 28 Adar I 5703
Torah lessons: Chumash: Vayakheil, Shishi.
Tehillim: 135-139.
Tanya: Even with regard (p. 147)...of ch. 16). (p. 147).

In the sh'ma before retiring (p. 118): On Shabbat and Festivals we do not say Ribono shel olam or lam'natzei'ach (p. 122). But we do say them on other days that tachanun is not said. After the three paragraphs of sh'ma (p. 120), add the word "emet." Ya'alzu is said once. Hinei and y'varech'cha are said three times. In tikun chatzot do not say lam'natzei'ach...b'vo on days tachanun is omitted.