Shabbat Tevet 4 5703
Torah lessons: Chumash: Mikeitz, Shevi'i with Rashi.
Tehillim: 23-28.
Tanya: Ch. 5. Let us explain (p. 17) Peri Etz Chayim.) (p. 21).

The Rebbes of Chabad would review a parsha1 or two of the weekly sedra on Thursday night. On Friday afternoon they began again from the start and completed the sedra and haftora. Shabbat morning before davening they reviewed from Shevi'i to the end again. When there were two haftorot2 they said the one of the sedraon Friday and the other (for Rosh Chodesh, machar chodesh, etc.), on Shabbat.

* * *

There are good dreams in which Torah subjects are made known to the person dreaming.3 These generally occur through concentrated devotion to Torah study during the day. When someone studies Torah with great diligence or engages in "service of the heart" - prayer4 - with intense effort, then at night - when his soul ascends5 to draw forth life for itself from the supernal Life, as explained in Zohar6 - it is informed of novellae in Revealed Torah or Inner Torah,7 each person according to his diligence in his avoda during the day.