Friday Cheshvan 28 5704
Torah Lesson: Chumash: Tol'dot, Shishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 135-139.
Tanya: To understand the (p. 597) ...on Pekudei.) (p. 599).

The concept of Divine Providence is this: Not only are all particular movements of the various creatures directed by Providence, and not only is that Providence itself the life-force and maintained existence of every creature - but even more, the particular movement of any creature is in general terms related to the grand design of Creation... The aggregate of all individual acts brings to completion G‑d's grand design in the mystery of all Creation.

Ponder this: If the swaying of a blade of grass is brought about by Divine Providence and is crucial to the fulfillment of the purpose of Creation, how much more so with regard to mankind in general, and Israel (the people close to him)1 in particular!