Thursday Tishrei 15, 1st Day of Sukot 5704
Torah lessons: Chumash: B'racha, Chamishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 77-78.
Tanya: It is analogous (p. 519) ...nullified, forevermore. (p. 521).

When giving the etrog-lulav set to another for him to pronounce the b'racha, say explicitly that this is a gift conditional on its return, particularly on the first day. This is of value for the giver1 and the recipient.2 My father instructed that one should start saying shehecheyanu with the lulav in one hand and etrog in the other.3

The verses Ki amarti, etc. (p. 326) are said only on Hosha'ana Raba.

During the day, the b'racha of leisheiv ba'suka (p. 251) is also said after kiddush (p. 250), not after hamotzi.

We know the procedure (for the congregant) during the blessing of the kohanim4 because the Alter Rebbe would take the Tzemach Tzedek, before the latter's marriage, under his tallit during the blessing5 of the kohanim.