Thursday Tishrei 8 5704
Torah lessons: Chumash: B'racha, Chamishi with Rashi.
Tehillim: 44-48. Also 109-111.
Tanya: Furthermore, (in addition (p. 507)..malchut of Atzilut) (p. 509).

A résumé of the fifth method:

H - Hatznei'a..., "Walk discreetly with your G‑d,"1. One must take care not to be conspicuous or ostentatious in the slightest. It is said "Man should always be artful in piety."2 The artfulness lies in seeing that his piety not be noticed at all. We know that a number of the early chassidim concealed their true selves, and when discovered were sincerely distressed. This is the avoda of teshuva that comes from hatznei'a lechet, being discreet.