Shabbat Tamuz 21 5703
Torah lessons: Chumash: Pinchas, Shevi’i with Rashi.
Tehillim: 104-105.
Tanya: To explain: (p. 357) ... the Tetragrammaton ... (p. 361).

We do not say she’he’cheyanu during the Three Weeks,1 even on Shabbat.

It is written: They shall make Me a sanctuary and I shall dwell within them.2 “Within them” means within every one of Israel. For within every Jew, the core point of the heart’s inner essence is a sanctuary for His dwelling (may He be blessed).

The site of the sanctuary remains sacred, even in times of exile and desolation. In Midrash Sh’mot Raba Chapter 2, R. Acha says: “The Shechina (Divine Presence) never departs from the Western Wall.” All the desolation is limited to the buildings. So, too, is the case with the personal sanctuary within each of Israel; the foundation is whole, clear and pure, as it is written, I am asleep but my heart is alert.3 Midrash Raba comments: “I am asleep for mitzvot, but my heart is alert for acts of kindness; I am asleep for charities, but my heart is alert to perform them.” Every form of (spiritual) desolation (may G‑d rescue us from such) found in the people Israel is only in those aspects of the people analagous to buildings above the foundation. The foundation of the individual sanctuary, however, remains in its holy state.