As part of its Living Archive Restoration and Preservation Project, Jewish Educational Media has restored the Farbrengen of Purim, 5728 - 1968.

Based on the results of the audio restoration, the future bodes well for the Living Archive’s audio restoration initiative, which plans for the future enhancement and re-release of many recordings which were available to-date, in very poor-quality versions. According to Mendel Gourarie, The Living Archive's archivist, "A comparison of the previously-available version and the new version shows what can be achieved through meticulous work and the application of modern technology."

In partnership with, the new Farbrengen can be heard online in its entirety.

For comparison, the previously-available version can also be heard by clicking here.

The Farbrengen was recorded live by Rabbi Sholom Yisroel Hodakov on 1/4" reel-to-reel audiotape. The 2008 restoration was made directly from Hodakov’s original recording.

The Living Archive Restoration and Preservation Project was initiated by a generous grant from The Rohr Family Foundation. To learn more about the preservation effort and to take part, please click here.

This address is also available in mp3 format. Download at