This letter was sent to several Rabbis and communal leaders in Morocco.

B”H, 13 Nissan, 5711,

Greetings and blessings,

It was with satisfaction that I heard from our friend, the chassidic mentor R. Benyamin Gorodetzky, of your tireless and dedicated work for the sake of strengthening and spreading the Torah in general, and your participation in our educational efforts in the institutions Oholei Yosef Yitzchak-Lubavitch in particular.

I am reinforced by the hope that you will continue to add strength to your holy work to magnify the Torah and make it glorious.

There is a well-known statement of our Sages in the Zohar, Vol. II, p. 183b, regarding the partaking of matzah:

A king had an only son who took ill. One day he desired to eat. They said, “Let the king’s son eat this healing food….” Similarly, when the Jews left Egypt… the Holy One, blessed be He, said: “Let them eat healing food.”

When the Pesach holiday approaches and every Jewish man, as he begins his Seder,recites and announces: “All who are hungry come and eat,” he is not merely inviting others to partake of simple food, but saying that he will provide the “food of healing” and “food of faith” to “the only son who has taken ill.” How great is the satisfaction this brings our Father in heaven, may His name be blessed and exalted! And what great good is hidden in this world and in the next for all those who participate and are involved in educational efforts to provide Jewish boys and girls with kosher education. In particular, this applies to those who take leadership positions, as intimated in our Sages’ statement:1 “The Kohen Gadol takes a portion before others.”

With this, I bless you and all of those who are associated with you with blessings for a kosher and happy holiday and all forms of physical and spiritual good. And may our requests — “Next year in Jerusalem… as free men” — be speedily fulfilled by Mashiach.

From one who seeks your welfare and interests, always, at all times,