The text of this letter was sent to various individuals, personally addressed to each one. The notes that follow are personal messages that were sent to particular individuals.

B”H, 11 Nissan, 5711

Greetings and blessings,

Enclosed is the kuntres1for the coming Pesach holiday. [The intent is that you should] share it with all those in your surroundings [so that] they study it and learn from it to perform and carry out the conclusions stated within: both with regard to one’s own [conduct] and with regard to [involvement with] others. [The latter includes] efforts to have the G‑dly soul [influence] the animal soul2 and efforts [to influence] other people. Because…

The statements (in the sichah of Chol HaMoed Pesach [published] in the kuntres3) to the heads and directors of the yeshivos withregard to [the situation in] America serve as a clear directive to every man and woman4 who can serve as a source of influence, to quote the words of the master, my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, זצוקללה"ה, נבג"ם, זי"ע:5

It is necessary to clarify to you the responsibility that Divine Providence has placed on you….

When a young man who is a Torah scholar is found in a city, it must be evident that there is a Jew6 in the city….

You must take the youth in hand.

All of the four types of sons and daughters are included in this category: The wise, the wicked, the simpleton,7 and the one who does not know how to ask. There are no exceptions, as implied [by the promise]:8 “I will multiply9 his descendants.”

Through taking (i.e., capturing) [the hearts of the youth] with an appropriate approach toward every young man and young woman, the blessing in the conclusion of the above-mentioned sichah will be drawn down and carried out: G‑d will grant success in carrying out this mission and this task.

With blessings for a kosher and holy Pesach holiday and with greetings to the entire fellowship,

M. Schneerson

* * *

It was with satisfaction10 that I received the report regarding the synagogue etc., etc., from Rabbi Benyamin Gorodetzky concerning your work in addition to what you wrote to me directly. May you continue to advance in holiness.11

Since it is impossible in our present situation to accommodate all those who need a kosher Jewish education, it is evident that primacy should be given to those who do not have any undesirable attachments12 (for example, the mixture of holy study and secular study together and the like) and to those who do not receive any education at all.

Special attention should be given to training teachers and counselors through appropriate courses and the like.

* * *

The Paschal sacrifice differs from all other sacrifices in that what is fundamental is man’s partaking of it,13 [i.e., what’s most important is] actual deed and to have an effect on one’s physical body and one’s physical life, as is stated in the preface to the kuntres14regarding [eating] matzah as quoted from the series of maamarim entitled VeChachah.