By the Grace of G‑d
Erev Shabbos Kodesh
Rosh Chodesh Shevat 5747 [January 31, 1987]
Brooklyn, N.Y.

To All Participants in the International WEEK OF THE JEWISH WOMAN
First Week of Adar, 5747

Blessing and Greeting:

I was pleased to be informed of the forthcoming Symposiums scheduled to be inaugurated on the first day of Rosh Chodesh Adar, the month of Marbin B'Simchah. May this important event be a source of lasting inspiration to each and all of you for a deeper and even more knowledgeable commitment to Torah true Yiddishkeit in the everyday life, with emphasis on the principle that "the essential thing is the deed," namely, the good deeds of Torah and Mitzvot.

There is a particular relevancy in the fact that the event is taking place in the joyous month of Adar, highlighted by Purim, when Marbin B'Simchah is at its highest. It clearly indicates what the keynote of the WEEK OF THE JEWISH WOMAN should be, and that all programs and activities connected with it should be carried out with an extra measure of joy and gladness of heart" - over and above the level of simchah that should permeate Avodas haShem at all times.

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Indeed, there is good reason for Jewish women to be in a happy frame of mind in this joyous season in view of the special role of a Jewish woman in bringing about the Miracle of Purim. This is most eloquently emphasized by the fact that the Megillah of Purim is not named after Mordechai, nor after Mordechai and Esther jointly, nor even after Esther and Mordechai, but solely after Esther. Behind this well-deserved tribute is the fact that the Creator has endowed the Jewish woman with special capacities, actual and potential, to fulfill an important role in the preservation of our Jewish people in every generation - from the Exodus and Mattan Torah to the Land of Israel, to Purim and Chanukah, and in all critical times, to this day.

May G‑d grant that just as Purim brought for the Jews "light, joy, gladness, and honor" - "So be it for us" - both in the plain sense of these terms as well as in their deeper meaning: "Light - this is Torah," etc., leading to the true and complete Geulah through Moshiach Tzidkenu, speedily in our days.

With esteem and blessing for Hatzlachah and good tidings in all above,