This letter was sent to Mrs. Sarah and Mrs. Leah Moskowitz.

B”H, 7 Tishrei, 5711, Brooklyn

Blessings and greetings,1

I received your letter from 5 September. For the coming New Year, I wish you and your entire [households], a chasimah and a g’mar chasimah tovah in all matters which each of them require.

Certainly you are aware of the Jewish expression that a woman is called akeres habayis. [That name is given] because she is the ikar, fundamental mainstay, of the home. For the will and the conduct of her husband and her children depend on her will and conduct. From this, two concepts can be derived: a) what a great responsibility G‑d has placed on a woman; and b) since G‑d placed such a responsibility on Jewish women, He certainly gives them the power to carry out their mission in the optimum manner.

The theme of Rosh HaShanah is that it is, [as implied by the literal meaning of its name,] “the head of the year.” Just as when the head desires, its desires are carried out by the limbs of the body, so, too, the good resolutions of Jewish men and women to come close to G‑d through the Torah and its mitzvos that are taken in these days, [“the head of the year,”] will be carried out in actual fact throughout the days of the year. This is the mystic key to health, prosperity, and success in all matters.

With blessings for a chasimah and a g’mar chasimah tovah for you and your entire [households],

Menachem Schneerson