This letter was addressed to R. Naftoli Gluskin.

B”H, 13 Nissan, 5708

Greetings and blessings,

I am acknowledging receipt of your letter of 22 Adar. I am, however, writing to you about a matter of present concern, the enclosed kuntreis for Pesach that was published yesterday. Even though you will receive it after the holiday, you will certainly try to allow others to gain merit by making it — the maamar or the sichah — available to them, each one according to his level ([see] the introduction to Tanya, as quoted from the Zohar,1 [based on the verse:2 “Her husband is known in the gates”]). On all [these levels,] her husband must be made known.3

It is possible to explain that this is [the source of] the dispute between Pharaoh who said:4 “Let the men go and serve G‑d,”5 and our approach as taught us by Moshe. [Moshe,] and his extensions in every generation — particularly, in the generation in which Mashiach’s approaching footsteps can be heard6 — as cited in the Tikkunei Zohar (Tikkun 69) — [states:]7 “We will go with our youth” — both in age and in intellect — “and with our elders, with our sons and with our daughters.” And in this manner, there will be “a festival unto G‑d for us.”

With wishes for a happy and kosher Pesach holiday and with greetings to all those who seek our welfare,

Rabbi Menachem Schneerson