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3 Tammuz Videos of the Rebbe

A Letter from On High
10 Shevat 5726 · January 31, 1966
When my father-in-law, the Rebbe, was compelled to leave Russia, he enjoined his Chassidim not to lose heart, for he would remain as close to them as aways. And so it was: the Rebbe accomplished from abroad what must normally be done by someone who is physically present.
“If His Children are Alive, He, too, is Alive”
An excerpt of a talk from the Rebbe on the 35th Yahrzeit of his father-in-law and predecessor.
Torah expects a tzaddik to not be satisfied with his own righteousness; his mission is to influence his fellow Jews to follow G‑d’s path, and to help them become in turn sources of inspiration to others as well.
A Living Legacy
Video | 8:50
A Living Legacy
We are not celebrating the past, but something very real, in the present.
The Jewish People are “a wise and understanding people.” Nevertheless, each year, Jews from all walks of life gather to commemorate the Rebbe’s passing. Clearly, then, we are not celebrating the past, but rather, something very real, in the present.
Passing of a Tzaddik – Turning Pain into Growth
10 Shevat, 5743 • January 24, 1983
A person’s passing seems to be a time of sorrow, not happiness. Yet, we gather on the Rebbe’s Yahrzeit, to increase our energy, enthusiasm, and joy in fulfilling our life’s mission. Torah teaches that, “a greater light comes from darkness.” Torah instructs us to take apparent negativity and darkness, and find in it G-d’s glory, goodness and light.
Climbing the Rungs, Side by Side
The customs associated with a yahrzeit are intended to help elevate the soul of the departed. But how does this apply to the soul of a tzaddik, which achieves continuous spiritual elevation on its own merit?
Video | 6:32
One might assume that after a tzaddik has ascended on high and experienced unlimited Divine revelation, he would no longer concern himself with matters of this physical world. For the Rebbe, however, such calculations don’t apply.
Eternal Bond
Video | 7:00
Eternal Bond
The Jerusalem Talmud notes that one verse in the Book of Judges states that Samson judged Israel for forty years, while another says he judged them for twenty years.
Serving His People On High
10 Shevat, 5747 · February 9, 1987
An address on the Yahrzeit of Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak of Lubavitch: Today we commemorate the passing of the leader of our generation. How, then, can we call this “a day of merit”? Everything that occurs in G-d’s world contains an element of good, it only depends on the individual to contemplate deeply enough to find it.
Gimmel Tammuz
Video | 2:31
Gimmel Tammuz
A collection of beautiful footage from over the years of the Rebbe’s leadership. Selections from an address about a Jewish leader’s eternal presence and influence in the life of every Jew.
A Rebbe Does Not Depart
10 Shevat, 5750 • February 4, 1990
Today is the anniversary of the passing of my revered father-in-law, the sixth Rebbe, Rabbi Yosef Yitzchak Schneersohn, on 10 Shevat, 5710 (1950). It is an appropriate time to view this 40-year period in a larger perspective.
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