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1972: The Rebbe's 70th

As he approached the age when many people slow down and retire, the Rebbe redoubled his efforts and encouraged others to do the same.

The Rebbe's 70th Birthday Address
The Rebbe spoke about the injustice and downright folly in shutting the elderly out of the orbit of productive life.
Farbrengen: 11 Nissan 5732 (1972) 71 New Institutions
I have been asked: “Now that you’ve reached 70 years isn’t it time to slow down and enjoy some rest? The number of one’s years is irrelevant; the real question is: were those years utilized to the fullest? Every honest person knows he could have accomplished more in his youth, so now is the time to work with greater strength to double one’s achievements.
Farbrengen: 11 Nissan 5732 (1972)
Revealing a glimpse of the wisdom that moves himself, the Rebbe addresses questions that go to the very core of the human experience: Why am I here? Why do I struggle? And more importantly—what am I capable of becoming?
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