During the Rebbe’s lifetime, people of all walks of life were touched by him in a myriad of ways.

Some spent a fleeting few seconds, others enjoyed hours engaged in private discussion, still others merited to correspond with the Rebbe or were simply present when he expounded for hours on the secrets of the Torah. All have a piece of wisdom, or an insight, or a word, or some other precious memory to cherish.

But: the rest of us know nothing about these experiences!

We are often asked: What was it like to actually be in the Rebbe’s presence? What did the Rebbe say about a particular topic? How did he conduct his daily life? And the questions keep coming.

So: We’d like your help to document a story, or snippet, or a fleeting impression that may be etched in your mind — so that thousands who are thirsty to discover more about the Rebbe can do so.

Please take a few minutes to record your own experience — or that of a loved one or acquaintance.

Please include a phone number if you'd like to have someone contact you to discuss more information.