Through the good offices of Rabbi Shemtov, we had over the years become very friendly and attached to the Rebbe’s mother, Rebbetzin Chana. We always made it our business to visit the Rebbetzin, whenever we were in Brooklyn.

Rabbi Shemtov used to take us to her home. There, the Rebbetzin held court like a queen. Although she exuded grace, charm, majesty and regality, she was very much down to earth. She sat at the head of a large table, surrounded by her admirers and courtiers and insisted upon hearing all the latest news and events, especially relating to births and marriages. She had a lively and energetic mind. She was fond of discussing the “old days” in Russia with Rabbi Shemtov and others. Best of all, she loved to talk about her son, the Rebbe (so did we all).

The Rebbe visited his mother every single day, without exception, on his way to 770 from home. When we invited Rebbetzin Chana to the wedding, she said she will not be able to attend. However, she requested that the kallah come to see her on the day of the wedding, in her wedding dress, so that she can give the kallah her blessings.