Special Message From the Lubavitcher Rebbe Shlita
to the Children Attending the Purim Rally
at Lubavitch World Headquarters
in Crown Heights

The Alter Rebbe and my saintly father-in-law commented that when Jews gather together, G‑d enjoys great satisfaction, as a father takes pleasure in watching his children join with each other. This statement particularly applies when the assembly is made up of Jewish children. Then G‑d sees that Jewish children (even very small children) come together, regardless of the many differences in opinions and general differences existing among them and join in different activities (particularly good activities) with happiness and spirit (and Chassidic spirit). Since this assembly gives G‑d great pleasure, He does not remain in debt and fulfills all the desires of the children, and grants them all the good things they ask for, beginning with the most important blessing: success in their study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos accompanied by health and happiness.

These activities will strengthen their health and bring them success in those matters that, compared to Torah and Mitzvos, are considered mundane. They should find success even in their free time activities, when between their study of Torah and performance of Mitzvos they take time to relax and play (in a good and Kosher manner of course). That activity, in turn, strengthens the children and contributes to the desire and diligence with which they apply themselves to Torah and Mitzvos. That desire comes from seeing how it brings success to them, and through them to their parents, counselors, and teacher .

When the children depart after the assembly, it is possible that the differences between them will bring about a separation of one from the other. However, when children gather together (not without a purpose but) in a manner connected with Torah and Yiddishkeit then since, Torah is eternal having been given by G‑d Himself, the gathering causes results and effects that continue to be manifested afterwards, even when the children eat, drink, and play.

Torah is single and one because it was given by G‑d who is Single and One. For that reason regardless of the differences between them, the same Torah which was given to all Jewish adults was given to every Jewish child. Through connecting’ this gathering with Torah (which possesses an eternal oneness), closeness, completion, and true peace is established among the children. These feelings will continue after the assembly effecting all the boys and girls and their parents.

These feelings are enhanced when the assembly is held in a place which is both a shul — a place set aside for praying to G‑d and a Bais Midrash — a place where people study Torah. Then the connection established at this gathering remains a constant bond causing closeness of feeling that joins every one of you with another.

This connection affects that if in the future — at any time, one of you will need help from another — either to answer a question in your studies, to aid you in performing a Mitzvah, or to give your advice on a particularly question, your friends will do so happily and with full feeling.

When G‑d sees this peace and closeness (and its continuation the whole day, night, or year after the assembly). He brings about additional blessings.

This concept (that G‑d receives pleasures when his children gather and therefore gives them His blessings) is even more relevant when a gathering is held in connection with a Jewish holiday, as in this case when this assembly is connected with the holiday of Purim. In general, Yom Tov is a happy and auspicious day for each and every Jew. This is particularly true of Purim which is marked by great rejoicing. Therefore, when G‑d watches the behavior of Jewish children right before Purim (and through them, notices also the behavior of their parents, counselors, and teachers) and see that the preparation for Purim, Purim itself, arid the entire year afterwards is permeated with closeness of feelings one to each other, love for your fellow Jew, and joy shared with your fellow Jew, i.e., that you feel happy when another Jew succeeds, then G‑d gives more blessings to the children in the area mentioned above and also gives blessings to their parents, teachers, and counselors.

In addition to the above, certain concepts should be stressed that are particularly relevant to Purim.

When children gather together, we remember and tell them how the reason for the celebration of Purim as a holiday is connected with the activities of the Jewish children. Then, they gathered themselves together with their teachers and leaders, led by Mordechai, with the intention of connected themselves to Torah and Yiddishkeit. All the assembled children prayed together and asked G‑d to annul the decree. Through these activities “the situation was turned over.” The world around them underwent a total somersault all the negative decrees for the Jewish people were annulled and the apposite occurred — instead of troubles and difficulty — they received joy. “And the Jews had light and happiness, joy and honor.”

And we tell our children — “So let it be for us” — by involving ourselves in the same activities as they did then gathering together for a Jewish purpose — in a manner of “collect all the Jews” — with closeness of feeling, each one drawing close to the other, each of us as individuals and all of us together will enjoy light and happiness, joy and honor.

Through these activities then, another festival, the festival of Purim was given to the Jewish people. From then onward (in every year in every .generation) we celebrate the Purim holiday. Their actions were able to being about such a great celebration, one that takes in “the young to the old, children, and women.” Children, even the very young, adults, and older people all joined together in various celebrations. Then they take the rejoicing and simchah of Purim with them for the entire year to come.

A special emphasis should be laid on acting in the same manner as they did through fulfilling the mitzvos of Purim which begin with the recitation of the prayer “Al HaNissim” in our daily prayer and in the Grace after Meals — thanking G‑d for the miracles He worked then. We also recall that they occurred “in this season” at this time of year which reminds us that, if necessary, the same can occur now.

Afterwards the mitzvah of reading the Megillah, retelling all the particulars of the miracle — how all the evil decrees were overturned and it became “light, joy, happiness, and honor” for the Jewish people.

And then fulfilling the mitzvah of “parties and rejoicing” eating with our families the Purim meal and even before that fulfilling the mitzvah of “Mishloach Manos” by sending a present of food to a friend and giving “Matanos Lo’evyonim” — gifts to at least two poor people who need them.

Since all these activities began at that time and then the Jewish people “ordained and took it upon themselves and their descendents” to celebrate Purim in every generation and in every place, there, it is certain that each of you will perform all these mitzvos yourselves and out of feeling for your friends make sure that they also fulfill the Purim mitzvos and do so with joy.

According to the above (that through acting now in the same manner as the Jewish people acted then, we bring about similar results) we can derive a lesson that is appropriate for our times [when we are faced with circumstances that are similar (and can therefore be brought about in terms of) the situation at that time].

In every generation there are those who try to imitate Haman and want to do negative things to the Jewish people. Similarly, in our generation we see the example of the terrorists, their comrades, and their supporters. When someone does something bad to a Jew anywhere, particularly, in Israel, our Holy Land, that effects every Jew wherever he is. We must “collect all the Jews” — have all the Jews gather together and declare and demonstrate (through learning His Torah and performing His mitzvos) that they are connected with G‑d. Then, since G‑d is the master of the entire world and everything that is found in the world, the terrorists and all their plans preparing to harm the Jewish people will not only meet their downfall, but furthermore, just as in the time of Haman, his children, and students that the entire situation was “turned over,” so in these days will a total reversal take place, and the Jews will enjoy great “joy and happiness” and even “honor.” The nations around the Jews will show them regret and help them in all their needs.

Particularly, the good nations “the righteous among the people” will forget about and break off all contact and even relations with the terrorists and their comrades and become true friends of the Jewish people in all their affairs. They will give support and help (in large amounts, without any conditions) to Jews wherever they are to be found, and in particular, to the Jews in Israel.

Then, the Holy Land will remain complete, belonging to the Jewish people; the Jewish nation will remain complete because they are connected to the Torah which is complete and which in turn brings them into contact with G‑d Himself — who controls the world at all times and in all places. All of these matters will be accomplished with joy, Purim joy which is great joy.

All the ideas and plans of the terrorists will be undone to the point where nothing will come from them, there will be no need to oppose them. On the contrary “the fear of the Jews ‘will’ fall upon them.” They will be frightened and scared to even think negatively about a Jew.

Then the Jews will know that G‑d sustains them and destroys all the plans against them so thoroughly that no remnant or impression from them remains. And then the Jews will feel true peace, in a physical sense and also peace of mind; peace for the children; their parents, teachers, and counselors. And since they enjoy total peace, they will reach completion with the entire Torah, and the entire Land of Israel, and the entirety of Jews wherever they are, even in the Diaspora, particularly in the U.S. This should be done with happiness, good feeling, and much joy in all matters that are connected with Yiddishkeit, through learning Torah and fulfilling mitzvos yourselves and seeing that your friends do so as well.

And being that we have true peace (of body and soul), and in the near future, we will be able to greet Mashiach who will take each of us and all of us to our Holy Land which is complete and will remain complete and in Jewish hands for generations to come in all times and in all situations — and this will happen very soon.

In connection with the above, it would be proper to sing again the melody “Utzu Eytzo” which translates as “they will plan a scheme, but it will be foiled, conspire a plot but it will not materialize, because G‑d is with us.” ‘

May all the schemes of the terrorists, their comrades, and their friends be foiled, annulled as if they never were. We are sure of those results because “G‑d is with us” and we are with a G‑d. And as the prayer continues then “the righteous will praise your Name.” The righteous refers to every Jew as it says “Your nation are all righteous” who will praise G‑d’s Name forever.

And then “the upright will dwell in Your presence” — and shortly may we merit the coming of Mashiach and receive the revelation of “G‑d’s face” in the Bais HaMikdash — when making the festival pilgrimages. There we will see G‑dliness and G‑dly miracles — and may we make the pilgrimage even this Pesach which will come shortly and thus joining the redemption to Purim to that of Pesach.