By the Grace of G‑d
Rosh Chodesh Marcheshvan,
5743. Brooklyn, N.Y.

To the Sons and Daughters of
Our People Israel, Everywhere,

G‑d bless you all!

Greeting and Blessing:

Coming from the month of Tishrei — the seventh months in the order in which the months are counted, beginning with Nissan, but the first month and “head” of the new year, as indicated also in its name — תשרי (Tishrei), the same letters as רשית (Reishit), “beginning” or “heading” (רשית — without the aleph, as it occurs in the Torah),

The seventh month — חודש השביעי — being the month “which is satiated with, and satiates an abundance of good to all the people Israel throughout the year” (שביעי — from the word שובע — “plenty”); plentiful with festivals and special days, and satiated with awe of G‑d and love of G‑d, joy of Mitzvos, and topping it with Simchas Torah, and replete with all blessings in general. It is the month which animates and inspires in the fullest measure all the coming months and days of the year, down to the area of actual doing, namely, learning Torah and doing Mitzvos, since “action is the essential thing”;

Therefore, coming from this auspicious month, and taking into consideration the familiar saying to the effect that “as one prepares himself for the journey, so one proceeds,” which is associated with the well known custom of proclaiming on Motzoei Simchas Torah, “and Yaakov went his way,”

Meaning that inasmuch as a Jew, every Jew, is, of course, a member of Kehilas Yaakov (the Community of Yaakov), is now about to set out on “his way,” going into the “ordinary” months of the year that are not “abundant with festivals,” but are largely taken up with matters of Parnosso and mundane affairs, this is the time to remind him that “his way” is the way of Yaakov as it has been designated by HaShem, namely, the way of G‑d, the way of “All your actions should be for the sake of Heaven,” as behooves a descendant of Yaakov Sava,Zeida Yaakov”;

Considering further that although all Jews have the same task and purpose in life — complete dedication to the service of G‑d, as our Sages expressed it: “I was created to serve my Creator,” yet, coming down to actual conduct they are divided into three categories: men, women, and children (of pre-Bar-Mitzvah and pre-Bas Mitzvah age). Hence, this is reflected in the resolutions which have been adopted by them respectively, during Tishrei for the entire new year.

In light of all above, and also in view of the fact that a resolution made jointly by several persons, and more so by many people, in congregation, is more certain to be carried out with greater hatzlocho and in the fullest measure by each one, man and woman, I take the liberty of making the following suggestion and request, hoping that it will be acted upon:

It would surely be “right and proper and good and fitting” that “the heads of the people together with the tribes of Israel” everywhere gather together as soon as possible —men separately, as well as women and children separately (the children under their respective Madrichim and Madrichos, of course) in order to reaffirm and, especially, to decide upon the proper ways and means of carrying out in actual reality and in the fullest measure, the good resolutions which each had made during the auspicious month of Tishrei, beginning with Rosh Hashono and in the propitious subsequent days, as well as to supplement those resolutions, if necessary,

The resolutions relating to speech, thought (these “too” are known to HaShem), and certainly actions, since action is the essential thing: the resolutions made for the entire year, may it bring good and blessing to us and all our Jewish people.

It is surely unnecessary to underscore that in regard to good resolutions and good intentions there is always the assurance that HaShem helps carry them out, and, indeed, even better and sooner than one expected

Especially if these gatherings will be associated with, and continuous to, one of the daily prayers, together with a Dvar Torah at the opening of the gathering, and with a donation to Tzedoko during the proceedings or at the conclusion:

For then will be “brought into” the gathering the “three things on which the world stands Torah, Avodah and Gemilus Chasodim” (Torah, prayer and acts of benevolence); beginning with one’s self, the so-called “small world,” and on to the “world” in the ordinary sense, the world in which one lives, which is in need of a very, very strong blessing from the Creator and Master of the world that it should be a world that stands firmly, and not, G‑d forbid, a world that shakes and stumbles etc., particularly as of recent times.

To conclude with blessings: May HaShem grant Hatzlocho that the Kesivo vaChasimo Tovo and Gmar Chasm Tovo which everyone, in the midst of all our Jewish people, received in the month of Tishrei, should materialize in the fullest measure, in the kind of good that is revealed and obvious, throughout the coming months and days, bringing good and blessing to us and all our people, to the extent of “open wide your mouth (state all your desires), and I shall fulfill them,”

And soon indeed bring the realization of the main and essential blessing — the true and complete Geulo through Moshiach Tzidkeinu.

With esteem and blessing for
Hatzlocho and for good tidings,
in all above

/Signed: Menachem Schneerson/