In my letter addressed to all Jewish children I asked them to designate their rooms for Torah, Prayer and Charity. Once again, I wish to encourage and give urgency to this request that every Jewish child, in every place, should appoint his/her own room, bed, table as a “mini-Sanctuary” — a house of Torah, prayer and charity.

For this purpose in every child’s room there should be a Chumash, Siddur and also a tzedakah box in a conspicuous spot.

These items should belong to each child and should be inscribed with the name of the child. Before writing the child’s name it is customary to write the words: “The earth and all therein is the L‑rd’s.” (Tehillim 24:1)

There is surely no need to elaborate on the vital importance of this practice. First of all, these good items will be present in the children’s rooms; and thereby they will also study more Torah, pray every day and in the weekdays — give tzedakah. All this will be done more enthusiastically, for the child’s nature is more excited when these items belong to him/her.

By writing the child’s Hebrew name on these items you will increase the awareness of the Hebrew name among those who do not usually use their Hebrew names and since their own name is preceded by the statement that all belongs to G‑d it will increase the child’s cognizance that all possessions are connected with G‑d.

* * *

I therefore wish to express an urgent appeal to all parents, teachers, educators and school administrators:

In addition to making your own homes places of Torah, Prayer and Charity as described in my letter to the Jewish community, the responsibility and privilege rests on you to influence and activate the children to carry out this important practice.

In order to emphasize and project the unique importance of these activities on the part of the children I have expressed the request in two letters — one in greater detail addressed to all Jews, since they are responsible to carry out this action, and the second letter, which is more concise addressed to the children who must be educated in the right path.

The hope is there that when we:

Educate the child according to his way — even when he will be old, he will not depart from it. (Mishlei 22:6)

As such, the responsibility of the educators and their merit is enhanced qualitatively and quantitatively — for the influence they exert will last the entire lifetime of the child-student.

I reiterate, parents and educators, please encourage the children to carry out this project.

Moreover, explain to the children that our sages have explained that the all-encompassing Sanctuary includes the three pillars on which the world stands: Torah, Prayer and Charity, and a Jewish home must include these practices. The environment of every Jew, young and old must be filled with these activities.

As educators, you will certainly come up with the proper format and the right terminology according to the level and age of the child — to impress them properly.

It is also important that the teacher should check up and ask the children from time to time whether they are in fact using the Siddur, Chumash and pushkah (especially at auspicious occasions).

* * *

This urgent request will certainly be disseminated all over the world and predominantly to those who play important roles in the area of Jewish education.

My hope is strong that these words will be heeded and accomplish their goal.

Amazing success should be expected for this project, as we have seen recently in many other similar projects. As G‑d, the Giver of Torah, expressed — “Make a Sanctuary for Me and I will dwell among them.”

“And put Me to the test with that.” (Malachi 3:10)

This will speed the building of the all-encompassing Third Beis HaMikdash — which will be built speedily and truly in our times.