1. Even though it is after the evening service on the day1 following the second of Iyar, our Sages taught that in regard to holy matters, the night follows the day. Therefore, this is an appropriate time to further encourage an approach of Lechat’chilah Aribber in all aspects of one’s behavior in regard to all matters of good and holiness. This involves “climbing over,” i.e., not only reaching an intermediate level or even the highest level one could perceive, but going over those heights, reaching new peaks that could not have been conceived of previously.

This is associated with the holiday of Pesach celebrated not long ago. The word Pesach means “jump” and the holiday emphasizes how a Jew must leap forward in his service. It is not Lubavitch custom to recite the passage Chasal Siddur Pesach — “The Pesach Seder is concluded,” implying that this process of jumping forward must continue at all times, reaching higher levels of Aribber (“over”) than before.

{At this point, the Rebbe Shlita reiterated the concepts mentioned in Section 2 of the Shabbos Kedoshim Farbrengen.}

May the service of Lechat’chilah Aribber be expressed in actual deed and may this usher in the Messianic age when “Deed will be of greater prominence.” Thus, we will conclude with the distribution of money to be given to tzedakah and “May tzedakah bring closer the redemption,” and without any hesitation, we will proceed to Jerusalem and to the Third Temple.