1. The Torah reading of the present day describes the second Pesach sacrifice which was offered by those who did not offer the first Pesach sacrifice. The Rebbeim have explained that the lesson we can learn from this sacrifice is “nothing is ever lost.”

Thus, today is an appropriate time to utilize the final days of the Pesach holiday to complete the service of helping “all those who are hungry” and “all those who are needy.” Since, this the eve of the seventh day of Pesach, all matters must be carried out in a manner of “jumping on the mountains, leaping on the hills.”

As is customary, we are going to conclude by giving money to charity. Since today is Tuesday, the third day, the day on which the expression, “And G‑d saw that it was good,” was repeated twice, it is proper to connect the gifts to charity with the number three.

“At present, we are slaves.” May we merit that even in the final days of Pesach, we will see how “next year, we will be free men,” with the coming of the ultimate and complete redemption.