1. Everything that happens to the Jews while they are in exile must strengthen their hope and trust that in the very immediate future, they will leave the exile in the true and complete redemption led by Mashiach. Then, every member of the Jewish people will gather together in Eretz Yisrael, in Jerusalem, and in the Beis HaMikdash, “the Sanctuary of G‑d established by Your hands.”

This is hastened by the activities which each Jew undertakes to transform his own personal home into a “sanctuary in microcosm.” This can be done by each of you seeing that in your bedrooms, there will always be a Siddur, a Chumash, a Tehillim, and a Tzedakah pushkah. This will remind you to fulfill all of G‑d’s mitzvos and, in particular, the mitzvah of tzedakah.

In this way, you will be a living example of the way a Jewish child binds himself to G‑d, our Father in Heaven.1 This will also influence your parents and cause the household to have greater Jewish content. Each day, increases will be made in the study of Torah and the fulfillment of mitzvos.

This is particularly true at present, in the conclusion of the month of Av. All the undesirable aspects of the month have already passed — may they be transformed into festivals and days of celebration — and with each day, G‑d’s blessings increase. We are approaching the month of Elul when it is customary to wish each other a kesivah vachasimah tovah, that each one be inscribed for a good and sweet new year.

This is alluded to in the beginning of our Torah portion which states, “Behold, I am setting the blessing before you today.” May G‑d, Himself, bless each one of you and your parents and relatives.

These blessings are connected with your resolve to return to your studies in Yeshivah with more energy and vigor. G‑d takes note of these resolutions and increases all the blessings He will grant, including the most important blessing, the coming of Mashiach. Then, we will all proceed to Eretz Yisrael — for in a manner of peace and pleasantness, we will receive Eretz Yisrael in its entirety — to Jerusalem, and to the Beis HaMikdash.

In connection with this, it is proper to conclude the gathering by singing the niggun, Ach Tzaddikim..., which is associated with “the upright dwelling in Your presence,” i.e., in Eretz Yisrael. Afterwards, coins will be given to you to distribute to tzedakah. Surely, you will also add coins of your own. Accepting the shlichus to give this money to tzedakah will also make you a shliach to motivate yourself, your family, and the entire Jewish to emerge from the exile to the ultimate Messianic redemption.