1. The fact that the moon reaches a complete state on the fifteenth of the Sivan implies that this is the time when the entire service of the month reaches a complete state. This is particularly true at present, after the completion of the day, the twenty four hours of the day representing twenty four permutations of the name v-u-v-h. This is particularly true because this is a special month, the third month, the month associated with the giving of the Torah. Hence, at present, we must reach a complete state regarding Torah study.

Accordingly, it is appropriate to explain in depth a concept connected with Rashi’s commentary on the portion of the previous week.

[At this point, the Rebbe Shlita reviewed and elaborated on the concepts explained in section 1 of the farbrengen of Shabbos Naso.]

The elaboration on the concept of three is connected with each Jew’s completion of the service associated with the third month. This will also be enhanced by the distribution of money to be given to tzedakah which also is connected with three: the giver of the tzedakah, its recipient, and G‑d who blesses the giver as our sages stated: “Tithe, so that you will become wealthy.” May tzedakah bring close the Messianic redemption which will be accompanied by the ultimate revelation. “Your eyes will perceive your teacher.”