1. May G‑d grant you success and may you draw down all the necessary spiritual influence, in particular, the spiritual influence associated with the mitzvah of lulav.

This blessing has unique importance this year when the first day of Sukkos falls on the Shabbos and the mitzvah of Lulav is not carried out through man’s actions. As explained in regard to the mitzvah of blowing Shofar, on such a year, the influence associated with the mitzvah is drawn down through the Torah, i.e., the influence of the Torah takes the place of our deeds and service. This also contributes a higher dimension to the fulfillment of the mitzvah through our deeds which comes in the subsequent days.

May we soon merit the sukkah of the Leviathan’s hide in which we will celebrate in the Messianic era. May it be now, immediately. May this be a year of miracles and a year of happiness, with open and revealed good.