1. It is erev Shabbos. The Zohar teaches, “from the Shabbos, all the days are blessed.” This week, this includes the day of Yud Shevat, when G‑d will grant us, “a knowing heart, eyes that see, and ears that hear.” Our Sages stated, “Whoever prepares erev Shabbos will eat on Shabbos.” Thus, now is an appropriate time to make all the necessary preparations for Shabbos.

May G‑d grant success in all the above, including the ultimate measure of success, that these activities bring the Messianic redemption. Then we will appreciate the true concept of “a knowing heart, eyes that see, and ears that hear.” [These three expressions refer to the use of our three intellectual powers. The service of the intellect is associated with the Messianic age, while at present, our service involves primarily the refinement of our seven emotional powers.]

May the above be carried out with happiness and may we proceed from strength to strength until we find ourselves, together with “our youth and our elders, our sons and our daughters,” in Eretz Yisrael, in Jerusalem, in the Bais HaMikdash, and in the Holy of Holies. May this come now, immediately.