1. Today is Wednesday, which is described by our Sages as “the eve of Shabbos,” since our preparations for Shabbos are begun on that day. Thus, it is appropriate to encourage each person to make the appropriate spiritual preparations for the coming Shabbos according to his level and even beyond what would be appropriate for his level. This will ensure that the Shabbos will be appreciated in a fuller manner.

Similarly, it will have an effect on those days which follow the Shabbos since “from the Shabbos, all days are blessed.” In particular, this applies to the three days which are in direct proximity to Shabbos which, in the coming week, include Yud Shevat, the yahrzeit of the Previous Rebbe. This year, that day is of greater significance for it is the fortieth anniversary of his passing. Thus, we are granted, “a knowing heart and eyes to see...” and “can attain [full grasp] of our teacher’s knowledge.”

May this prepare us for, “And the tenth will be holy,” the tenth redemption which will be accompanied by the tenth song of thanksgiving. May Mashiach come immediately in the beginning of “the eve of Shabbos,” and thus, together with him, we will proceed from strength to strength in the days that follow.

The above will be enhanced by connecting it with the distribution of money to be given to tzedakah. We have just completed the Maariv service and recited , Ach Tzaddikim — which declares that “the upright will dwell in Your presence.” May we merit that we proceed, “with our youth and our elders, our sons and our daughters,” to “dwell in Your presence,” in Eretz Yisrael, in Jerusalem, in the Bais HaMikdash, and in the Holy of Holies (the fullest expression of “Your presence”).