1. Today is the third day of the week Parshas Behaaloscha, and is thus connected with the two verses beginning, “Whenever the ark set out..” According to several commentaries, these two verses are considered as a separate book of the Torah. Thus, the Book of Bamidbar is divided into three books, and the entire Torah into seven.

The number seven also features in the beginning of this week’s Torah portion which mentions the seven branches of the Menorah. Although the Menorah had many different component parts, it was fashioned from a single block of metal.

The Menorah can be interpreted as a symbol for the Torah. Thus, its oneness can be interpreted as an allusion to the unity which pervades the Torah as a whole; the entire Torah, from the Ten Commandments to a seemingly inconsequential point as “Lotan’s sister was Timna,” possesses one unique level of holiness.

Three dollars will be given to each person to distribute to tzedakah. May this draw down the three-fold [priestly] blessing mentioned in last week’s Torah reading. This relates to Parshas Behaaloscha for it is the third parshah in the Book of Bamidbar. May this lead to the lifting up of the heads (Naso) of the Jewish people, until the flame of each Jew’s soul rises up on its own accord (see Rashi at the beginning of Parshas Behaaloscha).

And may attaining these qualities lead to the true and complete redemption, led by Mashiach.