1. Tonight is Acharon Shel Pesach, the last day of Pesach. We have already counted the Sefirah, Malchus sheb’Chesed (Kingship within Kindness). Here we see an obvious connection to the Future Redemption for the greatest kindness G‑d can show is to bring that Redemption. Then, we will witness the ultimate state of Kingship, when “The L‑rd will be King over the entire earth” and “the sovereignty will be the L‑rd’s.” There is a special emphasis on this in the present year, a year when “I will show you wonders.”

Tonight is the first night when we count, not only the days of the Omer, but also the weeks which have passed. Reaching a state of perfection for this week, the week associated with Chessed, relates to a complete state of perfection for Chessed is described as the attribute which accompanies all the other attributes. Thus, we have completed all the service involved with our purification and sanctification as mentioned in the prayers recited in connection with the counting of the Omer. And in this manner, we will conclude all the preparations necessary for the ultimate Redemption.

May we merit the construction of the Third Beis HaMikdash, which will be built in the immediate future. Indeed, may it have already been built at this time.

Today, Acharon Shel Pesach, after we have counted Malchus sheb’Chesed, is the most proper and the most urgent time for the coming of the Redemption. And then we will proceed “with our youth and with our elders... with our sons and with our daughters” — and with all the Jews of the previous generations who will arise in the Resurrection — to Eretz Yisrael, to Jerusalem, and to the Beis HaMikdash, “the Sanctuary of the L‑rd, established by Your hands.”

There we will merit “the new [dimension of the] Torah which will emerge from Me,” i.e., from G‑d’s essence. May this be in the immediate future.

Gut Yom Tov.