1. Our Rabbis taught, “Open with blessing,” and this approach is particularly relevant at the present time, the eve of Tuesday, a day associated with the repetition of the expression “And G‑d saw that it was good.” Furthermore, this week’s Torah reading is Parshas Ki Sisa which is associated with an elevation of the Jewish people, and lifting up even the heads of the Jewish people.1

The interrelation between this state of elevation and the Jewish people is understandable for the entire world, and every element of existence within the world, was created for the sake of the Jewish people. Accordingly, our Sages taught that every Jew is “obligated to say, ‘The world was created for me.”‘ Indeed, making this statement (and having such a conception) is a binding halachic obligation.

Since this directive is given to the nation which He cherishes, it is clear that G‑d makes it possible for them to carry out such a service. From “His full, open, holy, and ample hand,” He grants every Jew the potential to conduct himself in this manner and furthermore, to make it evident to the entire world that its existence depends on each individual Jew.

And if this applies to every Jew individually, surely it is relevant as Jews join together in keeping with the commandment, “Love your fellowman as yourself.” This unity contributes added power to each individual’s potential, for together, two people can carry a far greater burden than the sum of the loads that each could carry individually.2

The connection between the present day and the endowment of positive influence to the Jewish people is further emphasized by the date, the fourteenth of Adar, a date associated with the complete shining of the moon. (Although it is often explained that the fifteenth of the month is associated with the complete shining of the month, this is also relevant to the fourteenth. A lunar cycle is approximately 29 and a half days. Thus the moon reaches its fullness on the fourteenth and not the fifteenth of the month.)

Similarly, the positive influence of the present time is enhanced by the fact that this is a leap year, when the influence of Adar is twofold. And as mentioned on previous occasions, in the two months of Adar, there are 60 days, generating the potential for all negative influences to be nullified. Furthermore, when a forbidden substance is nullified in a quantity of 60, the entire mixture can be eaten. This points to the transformation of the undesirable influences into positive forces.3

After the 60 days of Adar, we enter the month of Nissan, a month whose name contains two nunnim. Herein, we see a connection with miracles as reflected in our Sages’ statement that a person who sees a word with two nunnim in a dream can be assured that miracles of a truly wondrous nature will occur to him. This positive trend will continue into the month of Iyar, whose positive nature is reflected in that its name (אייר) serves as an acronym for the names Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, and Rachel who represent the four supports4 of the Divine Chariot.

As mentioned on previous occasions, the transition from Nissan to Iyar reflects our efforts to draw down the transcendent influences of Nissan into the context of the natural order. Iyar is the beginning of the summer, the time when the forces of nature are felt powerfully. At that time, a Jew must infuse the influence of Avraham, Yitzchak, Yaakov, and Rachel, making the spiritual service connected with each of these personalities a living and vital dimension of the time. And this will establish G‑d’s Chariot in a complete and stable manner.

The above will be enhanced by the unique nature of the present year, “a year imbued with wonders” and “a year of wonders in all things.” May the healthy and strong influence of Adar become manifest, and may this be in a twofold manner, with its sixty days nullifying all negative influences. And then we will proceed to the month of Nissan, “the month in which the Jews were redeemed and will be redeemed in the future.” As explained previously, the intent is not that we must wait until Nissan for the Redemption. Rather, the Redemption can come on the present day and then, in Nissan, we “will be redeemed.”

This will be hastened by the distribution of money to be given to tzedakah. For “tzedakah brings the Redemption near,” speeding the coming of the time when we will proceed “on the clouds of heaven” “with our youth and with our elders... with our sons and with our daughters” to Eretz Yisrael, to Jerusalem, and to the Third (and threefold) Beis HaMikdash, “the Sanctuary of G‑d established by Your hands.”