1. As is renown, the seventh of Adar is the birthday of Moshe our teacher. On a person’s birthday, “his mazal (source of influence) shines powerfully.” If this concept applies to the birthday of any Jew, surely, it applies in regard to the birthday of a Nasi of the Jewish people. Nor is this relevant merely as an event of the past. Instead, each year, the positive influence associated with the seventh of Adar is increased, reaching a level immeasurably higher than in previous years.

The birthday of a Nasi affects every member of the Jewish people, for the Nasi is a source of influence through whom G‑d’s blessing are drawn down for the entire people.1 The positive nature of this influence is further enhanced in the month of Adar, a month whose mazal is associated with health and strength.

This is particularly true in the present year when the influence of Adar is twofold and especially so since Rosh Chodesh Adar fell on the third and fourth days of the week. The letters used to symbolize those days ג and ד combine to form the word גד which means mazal, “good fortune.”

In a leap year, the yearning for the month of Nissan, the month of redemption, is heightened, because there are twice as many days of Adar. “In Nissan, our people were redeemed and in Nissan, they will be redeemed in the future.” This does not, however, mean that we will have to wait until Nissan for the Redemption to come. Rather, the Redemption will come in the immediate future, and thus, in Nissan, we will already “be redeemed.”

The potential for Redemption is heightened by the fact that this is the seventh of Adar and “all sevenths are dear.” This concept is intrinsically related to Moshe. For the Midrash states this concept in regard to Moshe’s unique achievement, i.e., it was through his influence that the Divine Presence which had withdrawn from the world was drawn down and revealed within this world again as explained in the maamar, Basi LeGani.

This leads to a practical directive. Seven is connected with a complete cycle. Thus, the seventh of Adar should inspire every Jew to carry out his service in a complete manner. And as mentioned, the positive influence of the month of Adar and the proximity to the month of Nissan will facilitate the performance of this service.

Similarly, these positive influences will hasten the coming of the Redemption. It is of utmost importance that the Redemption come sooner, even a moment sooner, for the Divine Presence and every member of the Jewish people are in exile. Therefore, it is important to hasten the coming of the Redemption; every single moment that its coming can be speeded is significant. And the potential for this exists. The very next moment can be the last moment of the exile and the moment that follows, the first moment of Redemption.

The Redemption is intrinsically related to Moshe as reflected in his wish “Send by the hand of he whom You will send,” which our Sages interpret as a request that the person sent to redeem the Jews from the Egyptian exile be the ultimate Redeemer.

This matter is slightly problematic. On one hand, we can assume that G‑d fulfilled the request of a tzaddik. On the other hand, Moshe was the one chosen to redeem the Jews from Egypt. This difficulty can be resolved on the basis of the concept, “he was the first redeemer and he will be the ultimate redeemer.” Just as Moshe redeemed the Jews from Egypt, he will be the ultimate Redeemer. For the Redeemer will be the Moshe of the generation, in our generation, the Previous Rebbe.

And this influence will spread to every Jew, for every Jew has a spark of Moshe within his soul and this spark affects the daily conduct of every Jewish man, woman, and child. Surely this applies in the month of Adar and on the seventh of Adar.

The connection to the Redemption is also emphasized by this week’s Torah reading which mentions the preparation of pure2 oil for the kindling of the menorah in the Sanctuary. Similarly, in the Era of the Redemption, we will see Aharon light the menorah in the Third Beis HaMikdash.

All the above will be hastened by the distribution of money to be given to tzedakah. This will cause the mazal of every Jew to shine powerfully. And thus we will merit that the coming moment be the first moment of the Redemption, when we will proceed “with our youth and with our elders,... with our sons and with our daughters” “on the clouds of heaven,” to our Holy Land, to Jerusalem, and to the Third (and threefold) Beis HaMikdash. May this take place in the immediate future.