1. It is customary to “Open with blessing.” May we be blessed with the true and ultimate Redemption in the most immediate future.

As mentioned on previous occasions, the weekly Torah portion provides us with concepts relevant to our contemporary circumstances. This also applies to this week’s Torah reading, Parshas Mishpatim, which refers to those Torah laws that can be comprehended by human intellect. This is alluded to by the opening verse, “These are the judgments which you must place before them.” Our Sages explain that the latter phrase should be interpreted:

“Before them,” and not before gentile authorities. Even when one knows that in a particular instance the secular law will parallel Jewish law, one may not judge the case before their authorities.

Implicit in this command is that we are referring to laws which can be understood by human logic (and hence, parallels might be found among secular legal systems). In a similar vein, we find the statement, “Had the Torah not been given, we would be able to derive [the prohibition against] theft from [observing the behavior of] an ant,” i.e., these truths relate even to creations on a lower level than humans. For these reasons, it is necessary to emphasize that these laws, like the Ten Commandments, were given on Mount Sinai. (Note Rashi’s commentary to the above verse.)

This also relates to our present situation. It has already been decreed at Sinai that the Redemption must come immediately. As we have heard on many occasions from the Previous Rebbe, “All the appointed times for Mashiach’s coming have passed,” “Everything is prepared for the feast,” and we have already “polished the buttons.”

This relates to the Torah portion of the coming week, Parshas Terumah. For the ultimate and true Redemption is associated with the complete fulfillment of the command, “And you shall make Me a Sanctuary and I will dwell within” which begins that Torah portion.

That portion continues, first describing the fashioning of the Ark, the place where the Divine Presence rested, for it was the fundamental element of the Sanctuary and the Beis HaMikdash. (Not that the Ark was actually constructed first. On the contrary, it was necessary to begin by constructing a structure to contain the Ark, i.e., the Sanctuary.)

A parallel exists in regard to every Jew, for the Divine Presence dwells within each Jewish man, woman, and child. And this will be revealed in the immediate future. For many Rabbis have already issued Halachic rulings stating that the Redemption must come immediately and the Nasi of our generation — and “the Nasi represents the entire people” — has also issued such a ruling.

And this will be hastened by making everyone a shliach to distribute tzedakah (adding your own funds to the money you will be given). And this and the larger shlichus of making this world a dwelling for G‑d will be fulfilled by every man, woman, and child, in the immediate future. May this be the last moment of the exile and the first moment of the Redemption and then we will proceed together with Mashiach to Eretz Yisrael, to Jerusalem, and to the Beis HaMikdash. May this be realized in the most complete manner.