1. Happy with the Match. [At1 the reception held in honor of a certain bridegroom2 immediately before the wedding, the Rebbe asked whether there was an opening in the roof over the chuppah, or whether the ceremony would take place outdoors.3 When he was told that it was planned for indoors because of the cold winter weather, he was not pleased, and remarked:] My wedding was in the winter,4 too, and the chuppah was held outdoors, under the open sky. [The Rebbe added with a smile:] And, thank G‑d, I’m happy with the match....

[Someone commented that it was probably too late to secure permission from the gentile owners of the hall to hold the ceremony outside, but when the Rebbe suggested that this was not necessarily so, a few people went off to see what could be done, and within a few minutes returned with the news that everything worked out nicely. The Rebbe responded with a smile:] If only those who have free will could be influenced so easily!

2. Torah Around the World. [The Rebbe asked the bride’s father about his origins, and when he was told that he came from Germany, the Rebbe commented:] Germany has produced considerable Torah scholarship and prosperity. [He then added with a sigh:] And suffering.

[The Rebbe continued:] Over the generations, the Torah found its way and left its mark in many countries outside the Land of Israel, beginning with the exile in Babylonia, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, Russia, and — through my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe [Rayatz] — in America as well. So now that the Torah has found its way and left its mark here, too, everything is ready: the Ingathering of the Exiles can and should already take place, in the complete Redemption that will come about through Mashiach.

3. A Happy Beginning. This is the first time I have gone anywhere, apart from visiting the tziyun,5 since the passing6 of my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe [Rayatz], a year ago. And since the present beginning was made for a joyful occasion, and since joy breaks its way through obstructive fences,7 may G‑d grant that joy should break through our obstructive fences,8 and that there be happy occasions always.