Yud-Alef Nissan is the Rebbe’s birthday. Our Rabbis explain that the word Rebbe (רבי) is an acronym for the Hebrew words (ראש בני ישראל), “head of the Jewish people.” The head is the nerve center for the entire body, allowing all its diverse organs and limbs to function together as a single organism. Similarly, a Rebbe is a comprehensive soul whose life is lived in consciousness of others and whose efforts are devoted to intensifying the connection between them. As such, the Rebbe’s birthday is a day which impacts us all.

In connection with a birthday, the Rebbe writes that on that day, a person should spend time in solitude, thinking over the purpose of his life, correcting those matters that need to be amended, and making resolutions with regard to his conduct in the future. As such, since the Rebbe is a comprehensive soul, as the Rebbe’s birthday approaches, we should all take time for such thoughts.

Some people try to communicate to others by appealing to the lowest common denominator. The Rebbe would — and teaches us to — seek the highest common denominator. Every person, indeed, every entity that exists, possesses a spiritual — indeed a G‑dly — potential. By focusing on that potential, one brings it to the surface.

Such efforts have a snowball effect, because bringing one person’s potential to the surface inspires him to do the same when he relates to others. Once a person’s spiritual spark is touched, he will see a similar spark in others and desire to help those others manifest it as well.

It’s a liberating experience, enabling natural joy to well up from the inside. You feel excited and happy to be part of something that is meaningful and genuine, something whose truth seems timeless.

As a result, there is an infectiously energizing sense of the importance of what you are doing. You feel a pressing sense of immediacy. For if something is good, it should be done now, brooking no delay.

Every encounter with the Rebbe would spark such a dynamic.