Everyone1 agrees that it is a fundamental principle in our faith and in our Torah to be certain that the One on High is Omnipotent — and not only in the Seventh Heaven, but also in this material and physical world, including the United States of America.

That said: When one has trust in the One on High, he also has trust in his fellow Jews, “the one nation on earth.”2 On this theme, [the Gemara discusses whether the sages in the time of the Prophet Yechezkel could have been expected to rebuke their contemporaries for their shortcomings]. There the rhetorical question is asked:3 “If everything is revealed before You, [G‑d,] does this mean that everything is revealed before [mere mortals]?!” When one has trust in the Jewish people, this rhetorical question is fulfilled with regard to the untoward4 conduct of others: one does not see it. Moreover, trusting in the Jewish people, one discovers that the young people one encounters are “seed blessed by G‑d5 — when one approaches them with a true teaching drawn from the Torah of Truth,. In the original, Toras emes (Malachi 2:6). without fear [of losing status or communal approval].