In my fourth audience with the Rebbe, of righteous memory, my daughter Tanya came in with me and gave the Rebbe her note. The Rebbe said, “I wish you a blessing to be able to fulfill all you have written.”

The Rebbe then added that one needs, “To think of others, and not keep good things only for oneself, to spread Torah with conviction (“ruach”) and in the correct path.”

After Tanya left the room, the Rebbe told me, “She should have informal get-togethers with children who are at the Jewish day schools.” The Rebbe explained to me that when having a positive influence on children, “Sometimes informal contact is more important than formal schooling.”

Referring to my daughter Penina, who at the time was learning at the Lubavitch grammar school, the Rebbe suggested, “She can influence the other children by acting as an instructor for younger girls. One can also be a good pupil by answering a need to be a good teacher.”