The (simple) meaning of the verse “And you shall command the children of Israel and they shall bring to you” is that Moshe will command the Jewish people and thus evoke their [service], “And they shall bring to you.” For it is Moshe who connects the Jewish people [to the Or Ein Sof] and thus generates the potential for them to carry out the service of “And they shall bring to you.”

This concept can be applied in regard to the Moshe of our generation, the Previous Rebbe. His service involved arousing and revealing the faith that stems from the essence of the soul possessed by each and every Jew in a manner that afterwards, they will be able to continue to carry out their divine service on their own initiative until they shine as “a constant light,” without any change [or variation] even from the perspective of the revealed powers.

And through efforts of these nature we will merit the true and ultimate Redemption in the very near future. Then the revelation of G‑dliness will permeate even [this] lowly realm. And at that time we will bring the oil and kindle the menorah (“And they shall bring oil to you... to keep burning a constant light”) in an actual physical sense in the Third Beis HaMikdash, with the coming of the true and ultimate Redemption led by Mashiach. May this take place in the near future.