Although there exists no man who has the temerity to say, "I shall serve like our forefather Avraham," nevertheless, some small measure of service in a similar vein can — and must — be performed by each and every one of us.

The power to do so has been granted to us through the conduct of the first [of the Rebbe'im], and from thence onwards, up to and including the conduct displayed by the Rebbe, of blessed memory.

They have paved the way and granted us the necessary powers [that we may follow in their footsteps].

This in itself indicates the dearness of the seventh generation: so much power has been given and revealed for our sakes.

Serving in this fashion will draw down the Essence of the Shechinah into this physical and material world to an even greater extent than was revealed prior to the sin [of the "Tree of Knowledge"].

This accords with what is written concerning Mashiach: --"And he shall be exalted greatly...": even more than was Adam before the sin [of the "Tree of Knowledge"].

And my revered father-in-law, the Rebbe, of blessed memory, who "bore the ailments and carried our pains," who was "anguished by our sins and ground down by our transgressions," — just as he saw us in our affliction, so will he speedily in our days and rapidly in our times, redeem the sheep of his flock simultaneously both from the spiritual and physical exile, and uplift us to [a state where we shall be suffused with] rays of light.

The above, however, is the enjoyment of [mere] manifestations of G‑dliness.

Beyond this, the Rebbe will bind and unite us with the infinite Essence of G‑d.

It is this that constitutes the inner objective of the progressive descent of all the worlds; [the inner purpose] of sin and its rectification; [the inner meaning] of the demise of tzaddikim: that through all this "the glory of G‑d rise [and be powerfully diffused]."

When he redeems us from the exile with an uplifted hand and the dwelling places of all Jews shall be filled with light, "Then will Moshe and the Children of Israel sing..., 'G‑d will reign forever and ever,'" (in accordance with the text of the prayers [that concludes the Song of the Sea with the verse, "G‑d will reign...,"]) and also as expressed in Targum [Onkelos], "The sovereignty of the L-rd is established forever and to all eternity."

We conclude [the above-mentioned prayer]: "G‑d will be King..., G‑d will be One and His Name One" — no difference will exist between G‑d and His Name.

All the above is accomplished through the passing (histalkus) of tzaddikim, that is even harsher than the destruction of the Beis HaMikdash.

Since we have already experienced all these things, everything now depends only on us — the seventh generation.

May we be privileged to see and meet with the Rebbe here in this world, in a physical body, in this earthy domain — and he will redeem us.