The extraordinary respect that the Rebbe accorded to the Rebbetzin gives us a glimpse of her true stature. For although the Rebbetzin declined all public recognition, the Rebbe frequently referred to her with reverence.

Once, the Lubavitch Women's Organization sent her a bouquet of flowers, together with a list of individuals for whom blessings were requested. Setting aside the flowers for the Rebbetzin, the secretary passed on the letter to the Rebbe who, observing that it was addressed to his wife, asked his secretary to give it to her, saying, "She too is capable of giving blessings."

The Rebbe once commented to a friend of the Rebbetzin, "You have a good lawyer on your side…"

This was evident during a crucial time in recent Lubavitch history, during the legal proceedings to establish the ownership of the books in the Lubavitch library.

When the defendant's attorney asked her: "To whom did the books belong?" the Rebbetzin famously answered: "My father himself, and everything he had, including the books, belong to the Chasidim.

The Rebbe saying Kaddish for the Rebbetzin
The Rebbe saying Kaddish for the Rebbetzin

Her words, spoken with such sincerity and conviction, with all the bearing it had on her own life, made a profound impression upon the judge and helped to sway the judgment in favor of Agudas Chasidei Chabad.