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Lag BaOmer
A lesson from Rabbi Shimon bar Yochai
Connecting to Lag BaOmer
A deeper examination of the nature of humility and self-assertion
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Technically, you can gnaw on raw carob pods, but it’s hard work and not the most pleasant experience.

Dear reader,

I was teaching a group of young women, and I asked them to raise their hand if they loved themselves. All the hands eventually rose, but reluctantly.

I then asked them to raise their hand if they felt that they had any ugly faults or flaws that they would like to change. Surprisingly, the hands now all rose swiftly and unhesitatingly.

We could translate this as a lack of...

Compassion fosters growth more than harshness ever could. Encouragement is far more effective than any criticism. If I don’t have a safe inner space that can speak gently to me when I am a mess, I remain a mess. I just hide it neatly and hope nobody notices.
— Wanting Their Love and Approval … and Learning I Didn’t Need It
Handy Household Hacks
Coffee Mug Stains

Get rid of annoying tea or coffee stains on the bottom of your mug by swishing some white vinegar inside and then wiping it dry.

Losing the Race

The Jewish canoeing team lost the championship race by a large margin.

“Why were you beaten so badly?” everyone asked.

“Simple,” the captain responded. “Each team consisted of 10 people. The other teams had one person directing and nine people canoed. Our team had nine directors and one person paddling!”

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